Is Your Current Computer Guy Only
Putting Sloppy Band-Aid Fixes on Your
Most Pressing IT Problems?

Dear Colleague,

As you can see, I’ve included a large band-aid with this letter. Why have I done this? For two reasons:

  1. I have something very important to tell you, so I want to be absolutely sure I have your attention, and…
  2. I’m fed up with seeing so many Denver Metro Area Companies seriously wounded by sloppy “band-aid fixes” put on their computer networks by other IT guys trying to save a buck or two, and I’m determined to finally put a stop to this careless activity once and for all.

     Here’s what this is all about: My name is Elan Jones, Business Development Manager of eCreek IT.  What makes us unique is that we guarantee to make technology EASY for you—that includes guaranteeing 60-minute or less response times; owning problems instead of blaming your ISP, software vendor or other outside problem; and guaranteeing your complete satisfaction, all with no contracts!

Although this isn’t an amazing concept, I’m amazed at how many IT firms don’t get this right. And if you’re frustrated with your current IT person because they are totally unreliable, inept at solving your IT problems fast and (quite possibly) incompetent at delivering good, predictable service, we can help.

 In addition to solving these issues, we can also show you how to:

  • Increase employee productivity significantly by putting a responsive IT support help desk within a quick phone call’s reach whenever any little glitch does occur. Why should anyone on your staff ever have to wait around idly while their computer is down?
  • Eliminate costly downtime, chronic problems, slowness and other computer headaches with our Helpdesk service. How does this work? By proactively maintaining the health and security of your network with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance.
  • Gain complete peace of mind that your network is 100% secured and backed up properly so IF you were to experience a major disaster of some kind, we could have you back up and running again within 24 hours or less. And we don’t just say that, we guarantee it.

Ultimately, this means you and your staff will no longer have to waste time or money on aggravating computer problems, period.

A “Get-To-Know-Us” FREE Gift…

As a prospective client, I’d like to offer you a free, no-obligation, no-sales-pressure Cyber Security Assessment where I’ll set up a FREE consultation meeting with one of our senior technicians to conduct an audit of your network’s security and make sure you are protected from Bad Actors looking to hijack your systems and information.

After all, it never hurts to get a competitive bid from a qualified third party – and this assessment is totally, completely free without obligation.

The Assessment only takes about 60 minutes (at most) to conduct, but when it’s done, you’ll know for sure if your company’s data is secured and, in the event of a disaster, exactly how fast you could be back up and running again (if at all). I will be following up in the next couple of days to make sure you received this letter, and to see if you would like to schedule this free IT Systems Assessment. If not, please just let us know!

How Does Your Current IT Guy Stack Up?

Take this quiz to find out!

How can you tell if you are receiving poor or substandard service? How do you know if your IT company or computer guy is doing everything possible to secure your network and prevent expensive disasters?  If your technician does NOT score a “yes” on every point, you could be paying for substandard support and jeopardizing your data and network’s security!

  • Do they answer their phone LIVE and respond to emergencies promptly?
  • Are they easy to reach and highly responsive (responding same day) when you need them for non-emergencies?
  • Do they proactively monitor, patch and update your computer network’s critical security settings daily? Weekly? At all? How do you know for sure?
  • Do they offer proof that they are backing up ALL your data, laptops and devices?
  • Do they meet with you regularly (at least once a quarter) to report what they’ve been doing, review projects and offer new ways to improve your network’s performance instead of waiting until you have a problem to make recommendations?
  • Do they provide detailed invoices that clearly explain what you are paying for?
  • Do they explain what they are doing and answer your questions in terms that you can understand, NOT in “geek speak”?
  • Have they proactively discussed cybersecurity with you, and made recommendations for better protecting your network from ransomware?
  • Have they provided you complete network documentation, or do they hold the “keys to the kingdom” refusing to give you admin passwords?
  • Do they offer any guarantees on their services?
  • Do they arrive on time and dress professionally?
  • Do you look forward to seeing them, working with them, or do you cringe every time you have to make that call?

We offer a 100% Money back guarantee

If you’re not happy with the first 30 days of service, it’s on us.

Awaiting your response,

Elan Jones

Business Development Manager
eCreek Solutions Group

P.S. Why risk it? Our free IT Systems Assessment comes with zero strings attached, no expectations and no obligations on your part. If nothing else, it will be a good third-party validation of how well your systems are currently performing.

Here Are Just A Few Other Organizations
We’ve Helped:

Custom Solutions for your Non-Profit Organization

First and foremost, we have a complicated phone architecture that uses eCreek services. They are quick, provide quality work, and have helped us adjust to continue our company’s growth. The single biggest benefit since working with eCreek is knowing that we have expertise and a partnership-relationship focused IT firm in our corner to address any issues that come our way. They are motivated by what is best for our organization. Other firms can often veer toward a standardized IT service; working with eCreek allows you to build IT services and a relationship with your IT vendor that are custom to your needs exactly – and they have the expertise and skill set to deliver high functionality.

Brittany VP of Finance and Administration
Non-Profit Organization

eCreek Is Very Prompt in Their Service

Not having to rely on in-house expertise keeps us up and running. Having eCreek supporting all of our IT needs allows us to focus on our mission and the people we serve.

eCreek is very prompt in their service. Which leads to minimized downtime, and they don’t gouge us over hardware purchases or service time.

When you combine the cost, response time, and minimal lost productivity you couldn’t get a better service. And they don’t make us feel stupid!

Gavin President and CEO
Non Profit Group

eCreek Is Courteous, and Reasonably Priced

eCreek’s techs are always extremely responsive to our online requests or in person in the office. They have a solid understanding of small business IT needs. If you value a company that is professional, courteous, and reasonably-priced, your business should take a serious look at eCreek.

Priscilla Director of Operations
Non-Profit Organization

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