Think You Don’t Need IT?

Are You Sure About That?

I’m Too Small To Get Hacked

Small businesses are the greatest target due to their lack of security!

82%* of ransomware attacks are on small to medium sized businesses. Just because you’re too small to make the news, doesn’t mean the threat isn’t there.

My Data Is Not That Important

ALL data is important. Client data, billing information, and even employee data is at risk.

Did you know White Castle is facing a $17B lawsuit over not protecting their employee fingerprints properly?

I have Insurance

Most insurance will only pay out IF all security measures are properly in place and monitored.

Do you know what your policy requirements are? And are you maintaining your end of the deal?

I have Backups

Are those back ups complete and up to date?

Financial risks may still be involved if data is lost and downtime during restoration is longer than expected

I am safe because I am in the cloud

Cloud storage is great for functionality, but is still susceptible to threats.

Often times, data in transit is not secure and it is the responsibility of the business to ensure that it is.

We Can Help Keep Your Organization Protected!