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Phones As A Service For Businesses

eCreek VoIP Phone Services Features

Whether your business uses your phone system to collaborate on projects, reach out to prospective customers, or provide customer service, you know how important it is to have a phone you can rely on. eCreek IT Solutions is proud to provide VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to businesses of all sizes across Colorado’s Front Range.

What is VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make calls over internet connection rather than through a traditional telephone line.

Local, Long Distance, & International Calling

Unlimited Calling

Our VoIP services include unlimited local, long distance, and international calling with very few exceptions.

No Hidden Fees

One Flat Rate

Don’t worry about surprises when the phone bill comes. Our VoIP services are all included into a single, flat rate. Taxes, installation, and more are all included in your monthly bill. Cancel any time!

An Adaptable VOIP Package

Flexible & Scalable Phones

When you don’t have to worry about ordering, setting up, and troubleshooting physical phone hardware, adding and removing users is a breeze. Your VoIP package will grow and adapt as your business evolves too.

Quick Turn Around Time

Local, Rapid Support

If your phone system should go down for any reason, an eCreek IT expert will work immediately to resolve the problem. If we need to come on-site, we’ll do that too, free of charge.

Physical Phones to VOIP

Easy To Transition

Our staff is specially trained to make the transition from physical phones to VoIP as seamless as possible. We provide your staff with all necessary training and help you find the package that best works with your budget.

Premium VOIP Features

At eCreek, we won’t nickel-and-dime you for the services you want. The following premium features are 100% included in your VoIP Package:


Voicemail To Email
Audio recordings of voicemails are sent directly to your inbox


Personal Assistant
This programmable feature can locate you wherever you are


Hunt Groups
Rings multiple extensions when calls come in. Great for sales and support teams!


Quality Phone Equipment
Get an enterprise-grade IP phone with up to 3 active lines and an HD color display


Custom Hold Music
Upload your own files to play your choice of music or deliver company messaging when your callers are on hold.


Time-of-Day Routes
Configure your settings to route calls to different extensions based on the time of day.


Cloud IVR
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to route and handle calls in thousands of different configurations.


Conference Bridge
Allows participants to dial into a virtual meeting room from their own phone.

Levels of IT Support

Fully-Managed IT Support

Fully-Managed IT Support

With our fully managed IT support package you get a dedicated team of expert techs managing your business technology, not a faceless help desk. It’s like having a dedicated in-house team of experts at your back, anticipating and reacting to your every IT need.

Co-Managed IT Support

Co-Managed IT Support

Scaling your organization comes with a lot of overhead and even the best IT departments need a little help sometimes. Our co-managed IT services keep your in-house department in the driver’s seat while we provide support wherever it’s needed.

Project Based IT Support

Project-Based IT Support

Not sure how much IT support your business or nonprofit needs? With our project-based IT support you can get on-demand help for specific projects when you need it. This cost-effective model adjusts to your business needs and can be scaled to meet your monthly project goals.

Free Cyber Security Assessment

Schedule an assessment with one of our Cyber Security Experts to ensure your business is protected!