Lock over a computer screen to symbolize ransomware

What level of Cybersecurity protection does my organization need? 

When it comes to safeguarding your organization’s network and digital assets, the big question is: “How much Cyber Security do I really need?” The answer depends on your data usage and system activities.  We like to compare the various layers of cyber security to the different ways you protect your home.  Just as your home requires multiple layers of protection, Denver businesses and Non-Profits require comprehensive Cyber-security services and IT protections.   

Securing Your Virtual Domain 

In securing your home, the first thing you start with are good windows, doors and repairing any of these where you may be compromised.  If you have bad doors and windows, you may get mice and bugs in your house.  eCreek IT provides all our customers with Remote Management and Monitoring software (RMM).  RMM allows us to keep your systems and devices updated with regular system updates and patches which fix known vulnerabilities as they are discovered.  Staying updated with the latest versions is fundamental for maintaining basic protection and is the baseline of all IT Support and Cyber-Security. 

Locking Your Digital Doors: Passwords as Keys 

In your house, you lock the windows and doors as well as placing additional locks on valuables like jewelry, guns, or collectibles.  Passwords are your keys to your systems, applications, and devices.  Passwords, like keys, only allow access to those you trust, and even among those you trust, you can grant varying levels of access. 

Multi-Factor Authentication:  Your Deadbolt 

In addition to the basic lock you have on your front door, you probably have a deadbolt.  The deadbolt protects against forced entry where the lock on your doorknob may be more subject to compromise.  Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requires one or more additional verification factors which greatly decreases any likelihood that cybercriminals can break into your device.  MFA uses at least two different types of identification to verify who you are:  1. Something you choose (password or pin), 2. Something you own (your phone, your computer, your email) and 3.  Something you are (your fingerprint, your face) 

Ring Doorbells and Advanced Cyber-Security Tools (EDR) 

Many people have added motion detectors , Ring doorbells, or some other form of cameras as security.  These help you see what is happening on your front doorstep or in your backyard even when you are not home.  IT Support and Cyber-Security includes various levels of higher-level protection as well.   Antivirus is the simplest form of protection against known computer threats, but today it’s important to step up to Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) which includes real time monitoring, analysis, and response to ransomware and malware.  Likewise additional security tools include XDR which monitors security with your services in the cloud. 

Alarms and Monitoring:  Managed Detection and Response (MDR) 

There are two levels of people who put alarms on their homes.  Those who have just the alarms, and those who pay for the monthly monitoring (we’ll ignore the people who just put up the signs).  eCreek and other IT Services companies provide different levels of Cyber Security that equate to alarms and Monitoring.  Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is the equivalent of your alarm system.  SIEM helps you detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity threats with logs and tracking.  The next level of support is Managed Detection and Response (MDR) or Security Operations Center (SOC) give you 24/7 human monitoring of these threats to ensure immediate awareness of any threats detected. 

Promoting Vigilance: Digital and Physical Worlds 

Just as you teach your family to be cautious about strangers, cyber security requires continuous vigilance. Educating your team to recognize phishing attempts, avoid suspicious links, and maintain strong passwords is pivotal. Our Security Awareness Training empowers your staff to identify and appropriately respond to suspicious emails, bolstering your defenses. 

Next Steps: How do I level up my security? 

At eCreek IT, we stress the importance of a multi-layered approach to cyber security, similar to safeguarding your home from potential threats. Our Denver IT Support and IT Services are designed to equip your business with best in class tools and knowledge needed to fend off cyber adversaries. To learn more about how we can fortify your digital landscape, click here to contact us today. Your protection is our priority.