A lock that says "vpn" surrounded by cybersecurity icons for computers, mobile devices, and internet access.As consumers and businesses alike increasingly value privacy and security, virtual private networks (VPNs) are on the rise.

A VPN can be extremely useful for small companies in protecting both the company’s assets and employee data. Some of the biggest advantages of using a VPN include:

Enhanced Security: A VPN will send all of your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, which makes it significantly more difficult for a hacker to access your information. If you are a small business with very little cybersecurity infrastructure, a VPN is a must.

Increased Privacy: Because the VPN conceals your IP address and replaces it with a VPN server, your online activity is almost impossible to track. Moreover, if you have remote employees, the VPN can provide a secure connection to your server.

Lower Costs: There are several ways that a VPN can reduce your expenses. Firstly, the cost of data storage is much lower, as you can access cloud-based storage services securely. It is also a cost-effective cybersecurity measure, which should allow a certain amount of rollback on other security efforts and prevent costly data breaches.

If you’re ready to implement a VPN for your business, reach out to the eCreek IT experts to walk you through every step of the process.